Today’s Technology for Tomorrow

Technology evolves with lighting speed. Often what’s cutting edge today is business as usual tomorrow. It’s why our technology and workflow practices earn our customers’ praise—because our cloud-based platform adapts to change. It works today, tomorrow and years from now.

iData’s workflow occurs seamlessly. Reports route automatically to the right clinician. When multiple signatures are required, reports are sourced directly from the appropriate printer’s location for pick-up. Plus, we’ve added more options to meet your needs with integrated speech recognition and physician productivity tools for EMR dictation.

Whatever the needs of your facility—customized for multiple departments or streamlined in one records management office—iData enables a smart process. Here’s an overview:

Cloud - Based Platform: Easy, Secure & Efficient

Our platform was designed to run on remote access before “cloud computing” ever arrived on the scene. Data is housed in Tier 4 data centers located in separate locations. Each data center is completely redundant. Our web-based approach ensures your data remains secure, a critical asset to the healthcare marketplace.

With easy access to your facility’s secure data, we’ve eliminated the requirement for costly hardware onsite. Very often, the only hardware we require for a partner is a single PC that manages the data exchange. If the hospital experiences a weather/power disruption, iData can continue to manage reports and return them once the facility’s power returns.

Without a complicated hardware/software setup, the implementation is efficient and cost-effective. This means when facilities need to move quickly to get online, we make it happen. Our cloud-based platform gives the most up-to-date technology with both peace of mind, and overall savings.

Speech Recognition: Automated, with a Human Touch

Today’s revolutionary speech understanding technology automates some functions formerly performed by Medical Transcriptionists (MT’s). But we still need the human touch. iData’s speech recognition vehicle of choice is by M*Modal. This remarkable technology translates physician dictation—in real time—into a structured document. The MT’s task is to edit the document, instead of transcribing verbatim. It’s just one more way we leverage technology to benefit our customers.

Speech to Text: Another way to save

If some of your specialists dictate reports that have certain “normal except for” sections, iData’s Speech to Text option can save facilities up to 40% over traditional transcription services—and even more over speech recognition. iData will help individual departments and physicians set up these reports that automate our Speech to Text approach.

Mobile Solutions: Anytime, Anywhere

What did we ever do before Smart Phones arrived on the scene with the promise of 24/7 access? Our system allows clinicians to make even more efficient use of their preferred Smart Phone (iPhone, Windows Mobile, and others). From anywhere, at anytime, physicians may dictate, download daily schedules and login, review, and approve completed reports. iData delivers technology so agile, doctors can continue to focus on patient care even when they’re away from the office.

Contact us today and we will arrange a meeting to evaluate your facility’s technology infrastructure, and determine which option/s work best for you.
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