Expert Medical Transcription + Flexible Solutions =
Performance, Profitability and Doctor & Patient Satisfaction

Every EHR contains a history. Each patient brings one—critical information physicians must carefully assess, adding clinical observations and recommendations. Choosing iData means each patient’s history is treated with reverence. After all, a patient is a customer.

iData’s suite of integrated, flexible solutions yields EHR interoperability, ensuring each patient’s history remains accurate, current and compliant. Our web-based approach enables hospitals and group practices to deliver patient satisfaction, and also achieve profitability. Best, choosing iData requires no initial capital investments (such as hardware or software purchases) and entails no maintenance or support costs. We make it easy. Our secure, flexible portfolio of solutions includes:

Dictation Capture | Transcription | Document Delivery | Workflow |Document Storage

The iData Partnership: What have we done for our customers lately?

With so many choices, why partner with iData? Well, we’re relentless. Our goal is to save you time and money while increasing performance. We don’t stop trying to impress our customers, ever. But they don’t have to take us at our word; we verify it. If we don’t return the reports as promised, 99% error-free and on time, our customers don’t pay. Best, new customers don’t have to make any changes in the way they’ve always managed transcription services—at least not until they’re ready.

Partnering with iData means Physicians and Records Managers focus more on caring for patients, and less on fixing problems. Check out the benefits customers enjoy under our partnership:

Enhanced Revenue Cycle: Maximizing profitability requires tightening the billing cycle’s timeline. iData’s urgency in returning accurate, expertly-coded reports increases physician productivity and expedites the revenue cycle. But profitability does not have to compromise quality; and it’s our highest priority.

Cost Savings: iData’s proven combination of people, performance and price yields the most cost effective option available. Our own overhead is significantly leaner than that of many of our friends in the industry. Because our web-based workflow means we reduce the need for office space and layers of staffing, we pass those savings along to our customers. Plus, we hire the best people to work in a robust platform designed for efficiency—even in complex hierarchies. Finally, the cost to switch services or enter into a partnership with iData is negligible, because no hardware and software is required. We provide access to our services from a variety of dial/text/type/voice sources, so the transition is seamless.

Increased Performance: Even an astute clinician’s data is subject to imperfections. But our high caliber staff is trained to identify potential problems—including inaudibility, missing ADT, improper regulatory compliance, etc. —and then route requests for corrections immediately. Further, our workflow provides effortless transition toward EHR, ensuring key players, including doctors, HIM’s, CIO’s and CFO’s get exactly what they want.

Reduced Risk: It is paramount to our customers that their Medical Transcription data achieves HIPPA, HITECH, JCAHO and CMS compliance. This is a critical component in reducing the risk of potential liability. Our customers appreciate our Six Sigma* standard. Embracing it means our internal culture demands excellence, and achieves high marks for access, quality, privacy and accuracy in records management.

* A Six Sigma management tool focuses on reducing potential mistakes by implementing a defined sequence of steps designed to achieve 99.9% accuracy. Learn more about Six Sigma.

The iData Way: Flexible, Accessible & Integrated

Capturing the Data, Seamlessly

Clinicians are busy professionals, and they don’t want to make significant changes in dictation tasks. Our flexible options work across hospital, group practice, or private practice settings. So, physicians work the way they always have, or, choose between convenient options, dictating via PC, digital recorder or Smart Phone.

We make it easy to interface with the iData dictation system. Clinicians simply dial in from any digital system, existing dictation station or wireless device and enter their I.D. information, garnering access instantly.

Working with iData also means data is deposited directly into the EHR, seamlessly. This saves steps, increases physician productivity and reduces potential liability. Like we’ve said; it’s easy.

Cloud-Based Workflow

Ah, life is good in the Cloud. “Cloud computing” is the latest innovation in on-demand technology services, allowing secure access to applications from any network device. Inside “the cloud,” end-users source documents, data, applications and more from a centralized location, saving the costs, personnel, maintenance and security associated with hardware and software.

Since iData uses cloud-based computing, we can work with medical facilities across the street—or across the globe. Clinicians simply submit dictation to iData, even without possessing any particular hardware or software, saving money to invest elsewhere.

Cutting Edge Technology, Easy Interface

Our sophisticated system ensures the user interface is as clean and simple as possible. Based on the end-user’s secure profile, the system allows clinicians and administrators to view the total dictations completed, plus those still in progress, along with TAT status. And with just one more click, the user can scan outstanding dictations in tandem with projected TAT’s.

Our web-based workflow allows management by exception, so reports with missing information are flagged and returned promptly. This expedites the time in which issues are addressed, corrected and completed.

EMR Integration

Our “cloud-based” platform interfaces effortlessly with every prominent EMR/EHR system used by many medical facilities, including McKesson and Meditech. We also integrate with many others such as EPIC, Cerner, GE, Allscripts, eClinicalWorks and other widely used systems. To date, iData has interfaced with more than 400 different systems.

At iData, integration is business as usual. What truly separates us is how we seamlessly deliver discrete data elements. This seamless EMR/EHR implementation allows physicians to dictate selected excerpts to automatically populate into the EHR minimizing operational change and physician productivity loss. It’s another step toward achieving “meaningful use.”

Our perspective is this: physicians comprise the lion’s share of personnel budgets. Choosing iData maximizes doctors’ productivity, while preserving the integrity of the data and delivering the fastest TAT in the industry, guaranteed. All this, and we challenge you to find a better price!
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