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Local Flavor, Global Reach

Based in the U.S.—specifically in historic Annapolis, Maryland—iData was launched by seasoned executives who combined their entrepreneurial spirit. We embody what customers love about local business—personalized service. Hiring the very best medical transcription professionals, our technicians are tech-savvy, educated, and passionate about customer service.

Together, our senior management team brings decades of proven industry experience across disciplines including Operations, Process Control, Information Technology and Project Management. State-of-the-art technology allows us to do business with customers across the globe; yet, it feels like we’re across the street.

In that spirit, we never stop working to earn your business, providing just what the doctor ordered.

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Kendall Tant | President and CEO

A tenured corporate executive with the heart of an entrepreneur, Kendall brings three decades of experience to the table. Tasked with managing iData’s trajectory amidst the explosive growth of the healthcare industry, Kendall brings both energy and experience. He’s a CEO of the people.

A key member of the original management teams in two previous startups, CBay Systems Inc., and Spryance Inc., Kendall served as VP of Sales, and VP of Business Development and Account Management, respectively. His highest priority is to deliver premium services underwritten by flexible, robust technology and backed by superior support.

Donna Dannessa | Senior Vice President & COO

A founding partner at iData, Donna lends two decades of expertise in large systems support. She’s an expert juggler—presiding over troubleshooting, training, documentation development, implementing new system releases, and managing end-user support. Her skilled leadership lands her squarely at the helm of our project management teams. When Donna speaks, people listen!

Donna’s background in process management enabled iData to put exceptional systems in place to monitor report quality, and turn-around-time (TAT). Her unfailing commitment to exceptional customer satisfaction deeply enhances iData’s customer relations.

JD Thankamony | VP of Operations

He’s accrued more than two decades of experience managing Operations, and still JD searches for new ways to improve. Focusing on quality, streamlining production processes, and producing measurable results, he combines analytical skills with a hands-on practicality to achieve results. JD has served in several management positions across stellar organizations including Heartland Information Systems, Ninestars Information Technologies, and TIPS Data Systems.

To prove his mettle, JD earned a Six Sigma Green Belt and an ISO certification as an Internal Quality Auditor (IQA). In addition to all his other responsibilities, JD is also pursuing an MBA degree in his “spare” time.

Ravi Saldana | Manager of Operations

Ravi reports directly to our customers in his quest to deliver superior quality. Responsible for ensuring the results of the entire quality team, Ravi spends a lot of his time mentoring and training others. He brings over ten years of experience managing quality, working with major Transcription vendors such as Spheris. Brokering communication between all the players, Ravi provides feedback to the MT’s and quality team, and manages ongoing internal quality audits.

Ravi’s pretty popular with our customers; he holds everyone’s feet to the fire to ensure we deliver on our promises.

Sam Sameer | Manager, Workflow & Human Resources

After a decade of experience managing Operations with Medical Transcription companies including eScription, Sam joined iData to ensure superior quality by hiring the very best medical transcriptionists. His tenacity for achieving unmatched turn-around-time (TAT) has propelled us to heroic status in the eyes of our customers.

Kevin McDonald | VP of Marketing

The “voice” of iData’s customers, Kevin spends a lot of time listening to our customers. He takes time to determine their specific requirements, translating those to iData for response. Boasting two decades of technology and healthcare industry experience, Kevin’s valuable experience working with the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs, and InforMed, instilled him with a keen sensibility for creating a culture of relentless customer service.

Although we like having him around, Kevin spends a lot of time out of the office. We prefer it that way.
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