Group Practices

We keep saying it—partnering with iData means you can rest easy. Our superior platform was originally designed to meet the complex needs of a teaching hospital’s multiple-specialty clinic. We accommodate each facility’s specific needs with regard to technology, EMR integration and more. That combination, along with our stellar team, delivers expert management of even the most intricate of hierarchies.

Best? We make it easy—for doctors and records managers. (Yes, we said it yet again.)

EMR Integration: iData increases physician productivity; we reduce the amount of data each must enter into the system by interfacing with the patient’s EMR to deliver discrete data elements—automatically.

Smart Phone Integration: iData’s system integrates with every digital device on the market, especially Smart Phones. Better, each physician’s schedule is downloaded each morning—one click gains access to the patient’s schedule, so dictation can flow along the course of the day in tandem.

Electronic signature: This feature enables physicians to log onto to the system from across the globe and sign electronically and expediently.

“Qualified Text”: iData offers doctors a template reporting system that often reduces the cost of transcription by up to 40%. This pricing structure allows us to count “normals” or specific verbiage for a particular patient at different rates, saving the practice money. (Download our flier explaining this)

Electronic letterhead: Once again we save your practice costs associated with printing by making separate letterheads available for multiple offices. Plus, we can feature the “signature image” of the provider on the letterhead, too.

To read more about how practices like yours have discovered just how easy iData makes managing transcription services, visit our Customer Stories page. Or, ask us for a personal reference. Our customers love to share the good news!
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