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iData delivers the most efficient, cost-effective and comprehensive portfolio of dictation solutions on the market. You could take our word for it. Or, you could listen to the people we serve every day—our customers. We owe our success to our partners!

“iData did everything as promised; and they shared our sense of urgency to facilitate enhancements and productivity in the transcription process as quickly as possible.”
John Dempsey, CFO, Catholic Healthcare Partners Hospital

“iData brings a great deal of technical expertise to the table when dealing with issues at our hospital. They’ve implemented multiple interfaces, including capturing voice files from our voice system in a matter of weeks during implementation. When issues arise, iData quickly isolates the problem and resolves it at the source.”
Transcription Manager, Catholic Healthcare Partners

“iData provided one of the most innovative and functional systems we’ve reviewed; across more than 40 hospitals with whom we consulted, our team considered iData to show the ‘best practices’ for medical transcription.”
Darice Grzybowski, MA, RHIA, FAHIMA, President, HIM Mentors (HIM Mentors is a hospital information management consulting firm.)

“When it comes to transcription services, quality is our hallmark, and iData has consistently rated near the very top by our own internal audits. Their attention to detail and dedicated operations team make them easy to work with, providing a robust partnership for us.”
Bob Owens, President, Continuum Services
(Continuum provides transcription solutions to hospitals throughout the Northeastern U.S.)

“For nearly 4 years, iData has consistently provided excellent service, top quality reports and excellent turn-around time. A number of our accounts are surgery centers and large practices, which demand this high level of service. iData takes the operational headache away by delivering exceptional service every day.”
Bryan Rose, President, Rose-Text

Lourdes Hospital cuts costs, streamlines medical transcription
with iData

Lourdes Hospital in Paducah, KY, serves as a regional referral center for a wide geographic region, including more than a dozen counties in western Kentucky, southern Illinois, southeast Missouri, and northwest Tennessee. Lourdes offers an extensive array of medical specialties and technologies typically found in much larger urban settings. Lourdes is sponsored by Catholic Health Partners (CHP), one of the largest not-for-profit health systems in the U.S.

Lourdes CFO John Dempsey contacted iData in May of 2008 asking for help to solve several nagging problems the Hospital had with their medical transcription service. Lourdes had been unable to solve technical issues around capturing dictation and then returning transcribed reports to their Meditech Electronic Medical Record (EMR). The result of these issues was a significant lengthening of turn-around time (TAT) for the transcribed reports to get to the Finance office for patient invoices to be prepared. This lengthened the Hospital’s revenue cycle. Manual processes in the existing transcription system caused costly additional amounts of oversight and review time by Lourdes’s Medical Records administrative staff.

In short order, iData conducted several technical conference calls with Lourdes staff to understand the existing voice and data interfaces in the Hospital’s transcription system. A follow on in-person meeting in Paducah quickly resulted in an iData proposal and detailed project plan describing the implementation steps to be taken to most efficiently correct the problems. Within 45 days of first contact by Lourdes, iData received the green light to begin a project to correct the Hospital’s transcription process shortcomings.

In addition to the normal demographic and EMR interfaces, iData also needed to automate the voice file capture off Lourdes’s Dictaphone voice server. Within one month’s time, three revised interfaces were created, tested, and ready to go live, all while working around several IT and admin vacations. The Hospital went live three months after the initial call and 5 weeks after the implementation began with all of the technical issues solved.

iData immediately delivered on the promises originally committed to the Hospital - 99% quality and 99% TAT - while reducing their overall transcription costs by 20%. Darice Grzybowski, MA, RHIA, FAHIMA, President of HIMentors, LLC, a revenue cycle and health information management best practice consultant who has worked with Catholic Healthcare Partners, commented that the solution at Lourdes was “one of the most innovative and functional systems reviewed, and was considered by my team to be a best practice for CHP medical transcription across all 40+ hospitals.”

In January, Lourdes converted from using the medical record number to account number at iData’s urging, which continued to streamline operations by eliminating the need to match the dictation to the particular visit. In addition, iData made a change to the hospital interface so the facility could capture the Primary Care Physician (PCP) on dictated reports automatically. This functionality had been on the hospital’s transcription service ‘wish list’ for four years, and now automatically inserts the PCP as a carbon copy whenever a report is dictated on the PCP’s patient. Lourdes continues to appreciate the ongoing fifteen minute response time on questions or issues reported to iData.

For further information on how iData can streamline your facility’s medical transcription, contact Kendall Tant at 410-295-0201.
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