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The Customer is King (or Queen): From what Continuum’s Managers tells us, iData treats ours like royalty


From the desk of  Donna Dannessa, Senior VP of Operations and COO, iData Medical Documentation

We’ve been blogging about quality.  And let’s face it – what company doesn’t say they deliver high quality?

It’s one thing to make promises about quality.  Everyone knows it’s harder to truly deliver it consistently.  Reality  – and “Murphy’s Law” – dictates that things do go wrong, even for the best of the best.

In medical documentation, there is little room for mistakes.  However, it’s true – you heard it here – they do happen.  The difference? At iData, when issues, problems, concerns and mistakes arise – we respond.  With urgency.  But don’t take our word for it – just listen to one of our customers.

Continuum-ing the conversation:  Straight from the customer’s mouth (more…)

QA with JD: A Quality Manager’s Job is never finished (A conversation with JD Thankamony, VP of Operations, iData)

From the desk of  Donna Dannessa, Senior VP of Operations and COO, iData Medical Transcription

What happens when quality standards are lax in medical transcription?

Well, it’s as simple as considering the difference between a milligram and a microgram.  Consequences will abound with a misinterpreted dosage; an incorrectly cited diagnosis; the left hand designated for surgery instead of the right. Mistakes can mean a potential breach in compliance, or possible litigation.  (Cue the spine-chilling music.)

The patient’s health record is a document on steroids.  It underwrites medical history, coding and billing.   Medical transcription, in other words, is serious business.

Just ask JD Thankamony, our resident VP of Operations.   Don’t let his good nature mislead you – underneath his friendly demeanor lies the heart and soul of a Six Sigma Quality ninja.  An industry veteran, his signature commitment to Quality at iData has been underwritten by a fierce personal code of conduct. Perfection’s the goal.  From that passion, he’s built a career around creating a culture of Quality.  (I wonder if that makes life difficult at home?) (more…)

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