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Is Quality under Control? Measuring Excellence in Medical Transcription

Tips & Insight From the Desk of Kendall Tant, CEO, iData Medical Transcription

Each vendor promises to deliver the same thing.  Quality.  Whether it’s surgical instruments or building maintenance service, everyone claims to be the best.  Once you’ve signed on the dotted line, do the results measure up?

Or, did they over-promise and under-deliver?

It’s an essential question, because it is the healthcare administrator’s task to maximize the return on investment.  In the case of medical transcription, excellence is more than an esoteric goal – it has to be the starting point.  Errors carry a potential for serious consequences.  Each patient history must retain the highest standards of integrity.  So medical transcription providers must work as passionately as their customers to ensure the data is accurate and up-to-the minute – not just managers, but MT’s on the front lines.  (Pun intended.)

What can happen when medical transcription goes “rogue?” (more…)

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