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Get the FAQ’s: Why medical records retention needs your attention

Paperwork.  Whether it’s electronic or pulp, it’s the job of a Medical Records Manager or Healthcare Information Manager to ensure the security, privacy and accessibility of a patient’s medical record.  No easy feat – especially because, well, paperwork never goes away.  It accumulates and grows faster than dust bunnies under kids’ beds.  Sweep it away but it still comes back.  Sigh, for most people.  But it’s your sweet spot.  Most of the time, right?

So the question inevitably arises – exactly how long must a practice, clinic or hospital be required to keep aging or inactive medical records?

The answer is both easy and complex, because there is no one-sized-fits-all solution.  But in the age of HIPAA compliance and the HITECH Act, plus health care reform, the question can no longer be swept under the rug and procrastinated.  (Caught you!)  Now more than ever, it’s critical to reduce your practice’s vulnerability to liabilities by creating a defensible, sustainable records retention process. (more…)

Is a Career as a Medical Transcriptionist Right for Me? Get the skinny on a job that requires beefed up skills


She’s wearing a robe and slippers, expertly wrangling two kids, typing with fevered competence and raking in the dough. Isn’t that what you’ve heard about the life of a professional Medical Transcriptionist (MT)?

The myth is almost always more exaggerated than reality. Truth is, if you’re looking to switch professions to one that offers flexible hours, generous wages, and of course, job satisfaction, training to become a Medical Transcriptionist  (MT) might just turn out to be a dream come true.

Then again, it might not.

iData is home to the industry’s sharpest MT’s. (No bias here!)  They would likely tell you that their jobs don’t exactly reflect the pictures you’ve seen – lounging on cozy chairs with laptops, sipping coffee.  Taking care of our customers – hospitals, doctors and records managers that depend on us to transcribe data with integrity, accuracy, and speed happens to be pretty serious business.  It’s often stressful, and it’s fast-paced. (more…)

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