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Quick Advice for the CIO: When is Speech Recognition a Viable Choice?

From the Desk of Kendall Tant, CEO, iData


With the continued migration toward the almighty EHR, it is incumbent on the CIO to make sound, cost-effective choices in Clinical Documentation choices.  Oh, and 98% isn’t good enough.  Accuracy is still King.    You’ve heard the chattering about Speech Recognition (SR) – and you’re wondering if it merits a closer look.

As always, iData’s here to sort through the clamor and offer some direction.

Of course you’ve already encountered SR technology.  Your own voice was captured and directed to the appropriate desk when you called the bank today and spoke your selections.  It works – right?  Fair enough.  But the stakes are high here.  There’s a big difference between, “no history of heart attack” and “blisters on his back.”  You’ve got to work with a partner you can trust. (more…)

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