Just what the Doctor Ordered

Precision. Speed. Value. Where can you find a Medical Transcription service that delivers it all? You just did.

We’re iData, and we’re pleased to “meet” you. Our top-notch team provides secure, web-based Medical Transcription solutions designed with doctors’ satisfaction in mind. iData’s portfolio of services includes voice-to-text, speech recognition, dictation systems and more. The results? Doctors spend less time fixing problems and more time caring for patients. Records Managers achieve compliance, speed and accuracy in reporting. We think that’s a prescription for success.
See how we GUARANTEE 99% Accuracy
iData’s mission is to provide the highest quality (99% error free) medical transcription services to hospitals, group practices & other transcription companies.
Let us tell you what you’re really paying per line. Contact us today to find how!
For additional information email us at info@100MedicalDocumentation.com
or call 410-295-0201.
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